Wedding Videography @ Healdsburg Country Gardens by Kyle Mikami

It's been three years since I filmed my first wedding at this spectacular location in Northern California.  Healdsburg Country Gardens is a gorgeous wedding venue with beautiful gardens surrounded by rolling vineyards.   The owners, Barbara and Walt, are extremely accommodating and were there throughout the day helping out with whatever was needed to ensure the best experience possible.

Fast forward three years, and I just filmed my 9th wedding in Orange County, California at the beautiful Hilton Waterfront Beach Hotel in Huntington Beach, California.  You can see many similarities in editing style and pacing throughout both videos.  

I'm extremely fortunate to have a large network of friends and family that have gotten married over the past three years.  Jon, the groom from the first wedding, was a former coworker at a real estate firm in Los Angeles.  Brandon, the groom for the most recent wedding, is a college friend.

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Save the Date! Laguna Beach Wedding by Kyle Mikami

This past weekend I met with Danielle and Simon at The District in Tustin to discuss their upcoming wedding.  Initially we got to know each other better and I discussed different options for music selection.  After, we went to their apartment complex 5 minutes away and found some different locations to shoot the video.  Their wedding is this coming Saturday at Tivoli Terrace in Laguna Beach, California.

I met Danielle in the salsa scene some years ago and we've been friends since.  This will be my fourth wedding I've shot until now and the first for 2016.  I'm really excited to be capturing their special day.   They will also be dancing a choreographed salsa dance and possibly a bachata improvisation.

My goal with this last minute "save the date" video was to create buzz and excitement for their upcoming wedding.  This was shot in one hour and took about an hour and half to edit.  I'd like to do more videos like this one and get creative using drone shots and telling a story.