I have a unique style when filming weddings and give each video its own stylized touch.  Every wedding has its challenges and I adapt my filming experience to the events that unfold during your special day.  I strive to create captivating content using different angles and editing techniques.  

I provide unlimited coverage, which means I will be at your wedding from start to finish.  I focus on capturing as many candid, natural, and unexpected moments as possible. 

Song selection is extremely important in my process.   Good selection will dictate the pace and mood of your story.  Getting to know my clients allows me to identify music genres and select songs that will help with the final edit.

As a well-rounded and experienced filmmaker, I can guarantee you peace of mind during your wedding day.  I can't wait to capture and build the story behind one of the happiest days of your life.


2-3 minutes using one song without audio from vows/speeches. Edited more like a music video and typically fast-paced.


3-4 Minute video edited to song(s) incorporating audio from vows and speeches.