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Bachelorette Videographer by Kyle Mikami

Imagine having your own videographer capture the best moments during your bachelorette party.  It doesn't matter if you book a local trip to Vegas or plan a trip abroad - your bachelorette party doesn't need to be a fading memory, rather a high quality video that will allow you to relive those special days forever.

I had the pleasure of filming my friend's bachelorette party in Thailand.   There were a total of 8 girls and we planned 10 days in Thailand.  My initial thoughts were "how am I going to be able to travel with 8 girls for such a long period of time?"  Thankfully, everyone was extremely easy going and didn't run into any serious problems.  Everything was planned and overall it was a really fun and unique experience.

Challenges included traveling with a lot of equipment.  Planning certain shots were difficult due to girls not being prepared or having makeup on.  Weather was also a challenge as we had days where it rained non-stop.  

Overall, I captured some great moments and the song I chose was perfect.  I really enjoyed the Maya Sleep Aboard experience where we stayed overnight on a boat right in front of Maya Bay in Phi Phi.  It was awesome to meet the local guides and interact with other tourists on the boat.  The elephant sanctuary in Phuket was really enjoyable.  We were able to interact with the elephants up close and personal.  It was great to see the different elephant personalities and give back to the sanctuary.

If you're bride or bridesmaid looking to do something different, shoot me an email.   An obvious concern is the 24/7 filming during the event.   Rest assured, all footage is kept on an external hard drive in a secure and private location.  Nothing obscene or inappropriate will be filmed.  Prior to filming a bachelorette party, we can plan out different shot locations and times.  It is not necessary to film the whole event, we just need to have a schedule or time frame of filming throughout the day.  As long as everyone understands what will be filmed and when, there shouldn't be any issues.

The 2017 Thailand Bachelorette Party recap is below!