I have a unique style when filming weddings and try to make every distinct, unique, and different in their own way.  Every wedding has its challenges and I adapt my filming experience to the events that unfold on your special day.  I strive to create captivating content using different angles and editing techniques.  

I provide unlimited coverage, which means I will be at your wedding from start to finish.  I try and capture as many candid, natural, and random moments as possible. 

Song selection is extremely important.   I try my best to stay away from popular songs that you may hear on the radio or are used in many videos.  In my experience, different and unique songs create more intriguing videos. I have a few resources that have many indie/underground wedding themed songs that will make your video completely unique.  

OPTIONS: - Trailer or Highlight - ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: Next-Day Teaser, Edited Ceremony/Reception

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2-3 minutes using one song without audio from vows/speeches. Edited more like a music video and typically fast-paced unless a slower song is selected


3-4 Minute video edited to song(s) incorporating audio from vows and speeches.


Next-Day Teasers

We provide super short edit within 24-hours of your wedding to show the world what took place the day before.  This is a great way to get everyone pumped for the Trailer or Highlight.